17 Jan 2013

Final Film Noir S4C Title Cards and Logo...

Its deadline day and Ive just finished sending the last PNGs to the editor. So here are the final designs for Richard L. Pask's, 1960's Film Noir-themed film, which will be airing on S4C soon....

 Ive never designed a logo before but I managed to nail the design in the 2nd attempt and the director loved it so I was pretty chuffed. 

17 Dec 2012

more noir by moi!

More Noir By Moi!
Colour is not my favourite
Here are some title cards Ive based loosley around this image:
I also quite fancy this one but theres alot more work to be done and styles to try, fonts to faff with and such...


Over Christmas I will be creating title cards for a short film which will air on S4C and be screened at Ffresh Ffilm Festival 2013. The film will be set in the Welsh Valleys in 1960 so I will be creating some Film Noir title credits.

Ive always had an interest in cartoon title credits, the likes of which you'd find on an old UPA or Ren and Stimpy cartoon.  However, its never occurred to me to ever reference old film title  cards and so far my research is taking me to some pretty awesome art work.

Here's some of my favourite images Ive found during my research for this project:
I just love the print of the church and the shapes
 Some cleverly executed designs from some Film Noir title cards
I also have to create a logo for the company, we both seem to love this image right now.
 More imaginative text. I especially focussed on the church tower shape in the centre as the film is set in an old village where the chapel is central to the story.