18 Jul 2011

New Content!

New look and some more doodles! Until I can afford to make a proper website I have to make do with what E-blogger has to offer and therefore have to make some sacrifices now and again. Ive changed the overall look to make it more attractive and clearer to navigate through although I still hate that every new post over-takes the previous and you have to locate the later work via a pin-sized archive on the side.
If you're familiar with eblogger then this isn't a problem, but for first-timers and people in a rush (i.e. hopefully prospective employers) this can be a pain in the....neck.  So instead of this happening Ive devised a Page index where you can find: Sketch-book Begins, Life Drawings and my recent and regularly updated work will be found in UPA (attempts).  The work on each page is updated and labelled as you scroll down. I don't like having the newer work mess up the chronology of the page so it starts with the old, the inspiration and previous work and carries on with the newer stuff. Any comments and suggestions such as 'do you think this is a good idea and if you actually like this system or should I be showing new work at the top all the time' or even if you know how I can access a better layout on e-blogger or suggest a cheap website hosting that would be of great help!

Vimeo videos of my animation and illustration Reels can be found at: 

Heres some of the best from each page