24 Sep 2012

Print-Out Or Screen-Grab?

Today was a late start after doing some baking and seeing a friend Ive not seen since I buggered off to Canada 3 months ago.  I decided maybe my progress is being stunted thanks to angular issues with my drawings so far. The head is nearly always at the wrong angle so I pondered as to whether this would be because I was drawing at a different angle to what my eyes were seeing i.e. my monitor is vertical but I am working on a flatter angle at my desk.
So I printed out a copy of some Georges and tested whether copying from something that was on the same level as my sketchbook would be beneficial or the same/ worse.

 Compared to yesterday's attempt Id say barely anything has changed, gotten better or worse.
CONCLUSION B: You just need to keep practising!


 Drawing in a differrent sketchbook can make all the difference. The lined paper Ive been using has a horrible tendency to go 'bobbly' after you erase a few times leaving the lines you make afterwards really thick and smudgy. The George on the right in pink wasnt far off the original and feel like Ive made some progress here

23 Sep 2012

I dont like Sundays....drawings

Today I    S. U. C.K at drawing. I think 1 day off inbetween has upset my little learning curve or this room is just too damn cold Im not sure. Anyhow, heres todays pieces  (of PoOp!)

This was a very first ink using Toonboom Studio (which I havnt used in a while admittedly) and without really fully understanding and being confident with George's shapes and construction yet. So, lack of confidence in drawing him and using Toonboom again resulted in the 1st ink above. The 2nd ink is from his example of someone whos clearly comfortable in himself enough to do a good job. I guess my problems (which are sketchily outlined in Orange) was that I didnt use a thick enough line and didnt understand George's construction enough to give it as rounded a go as his assistant's on the right.  Im hoping Ill get better with practice.

These were some pretty terrible goes at drawing George's head again but I did think I started to get the eyes a bit better towards the end and a little of his major outline detail such as his cheeks and to some extent his teeth and cheeks too. I seem to just be getting his silhouette wrong so its time I sorted this out. 

20 Sep 2012

Liquor Before Bed....

Oky so I did an alright job earlier but as I had nothing else to do tonight other than faff I decided to give it another go. I guess its an improvement on earlier but theres still a fair few issued I need to resolve with this guy's head shape. Also, DAMN HIS EYES!!!

 This one missed JUST missed the mark. If Id have drawn his head fatter and made the nose bigger/ tilted the perspective of the whole drawing it wouldve been spot on!><

Little Opportunities...

After a brutal 3 month stretch living in Vancouver I decided the best thing to do to keep sane and try and maintain my happiness was to come back to the UK and start again.YET again. It took alot of guts to admit this wasnt working for me but now Im back and the animation industry in the UK continues to urk and try my patience.
About the only opportunity that doesnt lack fun is to ink clean up frames for Jon K. I really cant be bothered to write today so lets sum it up with :

If you want to ink you have to first learn and understand how to draw his characters. 

So this is what Ive done today:


 Not a bad attempt after drawing him a few times. The problem with this attempt: The eye is too curvy, the head not long enough/ too squashed, the angles in the cranium are slightly out, the eyebrows are a running theme of bad in all drawings shown and the ears.

My first attempt was the blue and the purple was directly after spending 10mins on the blue version, just to try and get the shapes right. I think theres a better 'squash' to the purple version in that left eye but all in all an unimpressive go at this 'neutral' pose. The green was rushed, can ya tell?

More tomorrow!