23 May 2011

A collection of work from 2010

I rarely get to reflect on my work and achievements unless I am choosing content for a show reel or to show examples of my work to someone.  So, I decided to make some splash boards with the best of my work up until 2011 and make some new year's resolutions while I'm at it.

Best of Copying Classic Construction and Freelance Model Sheets

Best of Freelance 

 Best Of Life Drawing

Best of Uni Work (all my own design work, animation and illustration)

 Best of My work (All designs and animation work)

When I look at the life drawing and freelance boards I know I need to do more life drawing and character work to gain any more Freelance or studio employment; the work I produced is directly proportionate to the work I will gain from Freelance and studio work as long as I work hard for it.

Some straggling Doodles left over in sketchbook  from 2010...

 I think at the time In was quite proud of this lady of lust and I still quite like her as a character now.

 Some random doodles exploring teeth and mouths whilst extremely bored in work. Nothing to shout about but I did like my crazy/ constipated squirrel an aweful lot! :D

Some ladies I tried to draw using block construction in the 2nd drawing, and the rushed final drawing.

New Year's Resolutions and 2011 Commitments:

*More Life Drawing, Landscape work and animal studies as well as anatomy and sketching from magazines and other resources.

*More Caricaturing and cartooning work for portfolio

*Character animation exercises and small 40 second productions 
*More experimental line and colour work, copying and emanating other styles

*Portraiture and long life drawing sessions as well as quick moving studies

*Above all, to have more confidence in myself.  To accept that there will be 'bad drawing days', imperfect attempts and have the mind-set to carry on and always improve and persevere.

*This year I will get a studio job