3 Apr 2012

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My attempt to re-create a Ken Harris/ Virgil Ross Bugs Bunny rag-time dance.  This is a personal project where I timed the animation using a digital Metronome, found the beats and thus located the keys and extremes from the original test film (above). 

Im making slow progress but its a hugely rewarding exercise so far. Its a bit like working yourself through a mathematical equation; it takes alot of work but when you get the answer and check its right, it makes you feel super brainy and proud of yourself! :D

Shows examples of my attempts to grasp and emulate the UPA (United Productions of America) style. For my final film I was determined to understand perspectives and background design. I never really quite got there in terms of design and from what I referenced (which was mostly the grand master, Maurice Noble). Recently, I was inspired by a CGI film called 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs', so I looked into the artists that created the artwork and character designs and since then Ive seen alot of UPA art style cropping up in recent games and popular culture. So this page has designs based on UPA and again its all experimental, personal projects.

This is a collection of my life drawing, studies (mostly at work) and doodles of all kinds. This page is oddly the fullest, considering that I participate in life drawing in fits and starts. Everything is dated and the layout of this page goes from most recent, to earlier attempts back in 2010.

This has my most recent projects and illustrations displayed from most recent to early work in 2010.  Scroll right down the page to see compilation boards of my 2010 work, snaps from my pages (as listed above) and any freelance artwork Ive put up for you folks to see!

(IOS Game, character designs)