14 Dec 2010

Final colours for Kay's Cartoon

I thought I would create a separate page which clearly shows which colours I think best for the composition and to give Kay a place to choose which she likes best. I could spend a while fiddling with colours of different shades and tones but I feel Ive hit the nerve with a few of these trials and don't want to divert any further or I will end up ruining it!:P

In no particular order:

My top 3:

I feel these choices best suit the colour and composition for their pastel tones and their winter/ frosty feeling. It frames the characters, brings out the hot tones and gives a bit of a classic feeling.

The Reds, in order of preference:

This is the darkest version and feel it swallows the characters and I cant see the writing being decipherable under this rich and heavy colour either. It is however very Christmassy and Kay's Mam's fave colour.

Slightly lighter version of the above, more grey and whiter tones but I'm really not a fan.

Not a fan. 

Once Kay chooses the colour she likes I will then add the text 'Merry Kissmas' and can proceed to printing on either a high gloss or water-colour paper.