23 Sep 2012

I dont like Sundays....drawings

Today I    S. U. C.K at drawing. I think 1 day off inbetween has upset my little learning curve or this room is just too damn cold Im not sure. Anyhow, heres todays pieces  (of PoOp!)

This was a very first ink using Toonboom Studio (which I havnt used in a while admittedly) and without really fully understanding and being confident with George's shapes and construction yet. So, lack of confidence in drawing him and using Toonboom again resulted in the 1st ink above. The 2nd ink is from his example of someone whos clearly comfortable in himself enough to do a good job. I guess my problems (which are sketchily outlined in Orange) was that I didnt use a thick enough line and didnt understand George's construction enough to give it as rounded a go as his assistant's on the right.  Im hoping Ill get better with practice.

These were some pretty terrible goes at drawing George's head again but I did think I started to get the eyes a bit better towards the end and a little of his major outline detail such as his cheeks and to some extent his teeth and cheeks too. I seem to just be getting his silhouette wrong so its time I sorted this out. 

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