2 Nov 2010

Sketch Book Page 1

New start, new email address and new blog! This blog will be used purely for my musings and sketches as they occur to me. I feel in my last blog, Juzzybunni.blogspot.com, I mixed casual with formal and its so far gotten me nowhere business-wise.  I feel if I separate the two, use this blog for my sketches and new work as well as the odd rant or two, then I can work on tidying up my previous blog and use it for my animations or animation-related work only.

So here it is! I will start with a few sketches I have uploaded from my previous blog and I will be adding new material over the next few weeks! Enjoi and watch this space!

 Caricature of a friend in Bakshi-style

 Preston Blair Dog
 A few random life and anatomy studies

 A-level War-Pig gouache, acrylic and oil painting

Ralf Bakshi character timed copy

 1st caricature of a friend

My character for 3rd year film 'Chester'
 A caricature for a friend who had injured her leg
 Harley Quinn copy
 Marvel and a few bits of life drawing studies
Tattoo copy/study

 Me/ Punk design
 Preston Blair hand studies

 Bakshi's Marigold
 Ann Summers models

 Caricature of myself by myself.
 Fantastical caricature of myself and a friend, using Disney's Fantasia style and my own.
Random doodle after I squashed a fly with my peg-bar. I was pretty ratty that day!

The old me. But still me

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