4 Nov 2010

Sketch Book Page 2

 This is my effort for today! I really think sometimes bad drawing happens when the paper isnt a very good quality. Im not trying to fob this off and blame it on paper but it is cheap, thick and rips under too much pressure so maybe I should go back to old-fashioned expensive card/ paper or cartridge for safety.
My task for myself today was to master the facial muscles and skeletal form then take a picture of myself (without a flash), draw the muscle and skeleton detail in photoshop, record, then have a go at drawing the photograph, free-hand, without referencing the anatomy book, and have a crack at communicating what Ive learnt about the muscles in the face over the last two days. As it goes, Ive run out of time today but I definately want to complete this task so this page will be updated with those drawings soon!

This collection of drawings could be better with the benefit of the paper being raised on an easel or drawing board. I'm aiming to sort out a new desk and prop my lightbox on top of it in the next few days so I think it will help with my accuracy and give my drawings more roundness.

Watch this space for more face!

I spent most of the day obsessing over The Clash's lead singer/ song writer Joe Strummer, watching interviews and just falling more and more in love with him. I planned to take a picture of my face and draw over the top of it in Photoshop but I found this snap of Strummer and couldn't resist, as sick as that may sound. He was the most beautiful and insightful person who ever lived.

 I did cheat alot with this and referenced my anatomy book but I think If I had gone with the flow of his facial construction this could have turned out better. I particularly like the naked Layer in the centre. Looks like a zombie.

Oky I'm not finished with this one but I wanted to get it posted before work so here's my working progress:


I quite like the line-work minus the photograph in the background. Its a bit creepy which I like but it also shows me the areas I did well with and the areas where I probably made it up or assumed how the muscles would look from that angle.
 The other version I felt was too dark so I lightened up the highlights of the lines and posted the new outcome.

Still a way to go yet but side-profiles and more to come!

Before I went to work on the 11th I started drawing the skeletal and muscular detail onto a photograph of me /side profile. Looking at it here I can see a white squiggle on the temple and may add a few more of these to make it look a little more cartoony, not sure yet. 
So anyway! Im not entirely sure that I have all of the elements correct. I havnt been able to do much of the skull or muscle detail without peeking at the Anatomy book and even that confuses me at times.

If anyone is an awesum Anatomist or knows where these elements should be then please feel free to re-draw in red over the Jpeg below it would be much appreciated! :)

 This I quite like after removing the original photograph from underneath it. My lines are, as always, very out-lined and heavy. I think with the next drawing I will attempt a different style and make it look softer.  I did add a sponge effect in attempt to soften the lighter areas but the line work is still extremely heavy and I think Im beginning to make dents in my Wacom! 

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