5 Nov 2012

Bunny texture...

Im getting back into designy/ UPA/ texturing arty stuff again, its been too long since Ive challenged myself and set myself a personal project.  I want to try my hand (and grit my teeth a little) at AFX/ Flash animation using digital aids to move and animate a character so heres the prep work on a character design which Ill either stick to or adjust and further simplify depending on how accessible he is to animate in AFX. 

 Original pencil drawings will always look better than any digital rendering I think. This little guy's design is based alot along the lines of previous design work I did for an iOS challenge and seeing as they didnt hire me I figure theres no need to keep my designs in the dark as I liked them so much!

 Im enjoying playing with colour and dulling down tones Id usually apply quite thickly and brightly. I think its a toss up between these two as opposed to the grey original.
His arms wont be a problem but the legs are attached to the main body so this might be a bit harder to animate using the puppet-pin tool in AFX. Its all about experimenting of course Ive just been so ill Ive yet to come to any conclusion, animation wise!

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